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Reviews for Ireton Fendley Professional Corporation
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Address: 8 Gore St W, Perth, ON K7H 2L6, Canada
Phone: (613) 264-8080
Website: http://iretonfendley.com/
Tom Shipley on 2019-10-18
 Very professional and streamlined business who make legal processes easy!
GRon Ashley on 2018-11-19
 I have used this firm for a number of files; some quite contentious and complicated. Communication, professionalism and outcomes are outstanding. Highly recommended.
Bruce Gray on 2018-03-15
 Very friendly people. They want to help as best they can.
Daryll Gladden on 2018-04-20
 Used them for the purchase of my home awesome job everyone at Woodwark!
Harry Brady on 2017-03-05
 Great staff! Exceptional experience and dealing... definitely would recommend

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