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Reviews for Kathryn Wright Law
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Address: 2239 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1G1, Canada
Phone: (416) 699-8848
Website: http://www.kathrynwrightlaw.com/
C Wal on 2019-12-24
 Ms Wright was very helpful in helping me achieve a great outcome in my child support case.
Nelly Toledo on 2019-04-07
 Excellent lawyer. Definitely one of the best in the business. Professional, caring and reasonable. After dealing with three other lawyers with respect to my divorce and marriage contract I was blessed to find her!
Susan Wilkinsonmaposa on 2017-07-06
 Katherine is a respected and respectful professional. She was there for us in "crunch time" when a real estate and separation transaction turned sour. She listened to our position and needs, understood the bigger picture, provided sound legal advise and options and guided us constructively yet was not directive or bossy. Working as a team, she was proactive when needed, responsive when required and walked next to us during the whole process- available 24/7 in person, by phone and email. While i am sure she had many other things to do, she made us feel like her priority and focus and was there for us at every turn. I do not hesitate to recommend her to others going through a separation.
Elaine O'Keefe on 2017-07-08
 Thank you Kathryn, for guiding and supporting me through one of the most difficult times in my life! You acted as my lawyer, but also as my confidant, counselor, and advisor. With so much respect, knowledge, and empathy. You are a wonderful professional, a family law guru, and I am so glad you were shoulder to shoulder with me every step of the 2 years. Through endless hours of emails, meetings, and chats I have finally been able to move forward with my life in a positive direction. Thank you!
Lisa S. on 2017-07-08
 I absolutely recommend Kathryn to everyone! She is a highly skilled, professional, straight forward, & respectful lawyer. I had complete trust in Kathryn; I always felt that she put my best interests first & I always felt supported by her. Divorce/separation is always difficult, however, my process was made much easier & simpler because of Kathryn's great attitude & incredible knowledge. Thank you so much Kathryn!!!

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