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Address: 305 1 St SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0A5, Canada
Phone: (403) 527-3030
Website: https://www.medhatdefense.ca/who-we-are/
Jeff Hart on 2019-12-15
 Great lawyers. Period. Dont forget sarah lewans! Expensive but worth every penny!
Brandon Scott on 2018-11-30
 I hired a terrible lawyer my first time around. Then I hired these guys. Lyndon did his best with what he was given. He always updated me, he did not lie to me, he was detailed, and most importantly he gave me realistic goals and followed through with them. I hope I never need thier services again, but if I do, these are the people to hire.
Vlogger John on 2019-12-01
 Nice service
Jay Maver on 2018-07-14
 Excellent lawyers efficent caring hard working
Jeffrey Hart on 2018-03-26
 Top lawyers around! Sara lewans... worth it! And shes hot!!

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