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Reviews for YYC Employment Law Group | Collins Dugandzic LLP | Employment Lawyers Calgary
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Address: 605 11 Ave SW Suite 300, Calgary, AB T2R 0E1, Canada
Phone: (403) 384-9204
Website: https://yycemploymentlawgrp.com/
Alan Napier on 2020-03-10
 I’m the first one to say that I’ve had the past negative experiences with lawyers. When I approached YYC employment Law group I expected more of the same. I was very wrong, and very happily surprised. My first issue was negotiating a constructive dismissal suit with Randi Collins. We had an hour, with a thorough discussion and review of options, and was prepped with everything I needed to do in order to negotiate a fair settlement. She prepped regarding legal precedents, costs that would have to be incurred by my former employer in the settlement, and gave me the direction I needed to be able to negotiate an additional month of severance. She was very well worth the time and minimal expense of a one-hour consult fee. I’d highly recommend Randi. She’s extremely busy, but well worth the wait. Two weeks later I had an offer of employment and employment contract to review. Randi was in court so I had the great fortune of being able to spend an hour with Stephen Dugandzic. I’d sent over a copy of contract, my concerns, and was looking for guidance to shore up some uncertainties in pending agreement. He was skilled, thorough, and quite quickly was able to amend and clarify some poorly worded information in my employment contract. Again, knowing what to ask, having Stephen in my corner I was quickly able to make the necessary amendments and finalize my offer of employment. Again, I can’t express enough my appreciation for the talent, professionalism, and laser like focus on getting me the results I needed for a settlement from one employer, and a finalized amendment for a one. I wish them the absolute best in their new practice, and will gladly recommend family and friends to them whenever possible
Miroslav Reljic on 2019-12-30
 When I started corresponding with Erika, I knew that I picked the right lawyer. Her emails were prompt and her legal insights and honest advice were spot on. I felt I could trust her. As a result of Erika’s suggestions and guidance, my employment legal mater was resolved fast. If you are looking for knowledgeable and straight forward lawyers, I highly recommend YYC Employment Law Group.
Jonathan Saint on 2019-09-12
 Just had initial consult with Barry Clapp, very impressed. Scheduling was quick and easy, nice office space, I provided some preliminary notes and outlines which Barry had reviewed beforehand so we could focus on the details and important insights right away. He answered many questions thoughtfully and honestly and was very upfront about their fixed costs throughout the various stages that could be required. Have not made a decision and moved forward yet but felt compelled to write this review, will amend with an update should I continue.
Mia Ostere on 2020-01-23
 A $325 consultation fee is a bit much, especially when you have a very limited budget, they do seem like lovely people though.

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