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Address: 120 Carlton St Suite 410, Toronto, ON M5A 4K2, Canada
Phone: (416) 599-5095
Zivot Umire Kad borba Prestane on 2019-08-12
 Dragi Zvekavica is a man of honor. He's word is his bond. Highly intelligent and respect man, the lawyer you want in your corner. If you watch suits, he is Harvey, Mike, Jessica and Louis all combined into one. Best lawyer in all of Canada
Julian Kalac on 2015-06-28
 Dragi Zekavica is the peoples lawyer. In my opinion Dragi is one of the best lawyers I have dealt with. He has high integrity, gives you the straight deal about your situation and is always ready to go to trial. He his honest and his intelligence is unmatched by most of the lawyers I have seen. He is easy to speak to, always accepts collect calls at home, accepts legal aid, always shows up in court and you always deal with him which is a great benefit to your case. He is well respected by the judges and crowns and takes winning for his client very personally. I would recommend Dragi to anyone who is need of a criminal lawyer.
 #Excellence !!!! Gifted brilliance in Criminal Defense Attorney, namely Mr. Dragi Zekavica.

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