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Maureen Lynne St. Cyr

Updated: August 21st, 2021 | Surrey | Lawyer List M | City of Surrey Legal Services Division |

Address: 13450 104 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3T 1V8
Lawyer Firm: City of Surrey, Legal Services Division
Phone: (604) 591-4813
Email: mst.cyr@surrey.ca
Website: www.surrey.ca

First Year of Call1986
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Address: 10706 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2X3, Canada
Phone: (604) 498-2920
Website: http://www.lss.bc.ca/
John Willis on 2019-11-12
 I’m not sure as too why their are so many bad reviews, but anyways. I had an excellent service experience their. I had a lawyer already awaiting the legal aid person to call my lawyer and so all it took to get legal representation was a simple phone call too her and I got approved and to top it off, I was changing lawyers from one horrible one that I should have got disbarred and going with my current on who happens to be a women and a very good lawyer that works so hard for me, like as if I paid her a $5000.00 cash retainer and got me the very best sentencing outcome, broke a record for the least amount and yet, fairest amount on time, with zero federal time. Probation was what I got and I am still very grateful for my lawyers services and legal aid helped me get to were I am today. So very greatful, I actually need to remove one or more of my conditions and she is willing to represent me again through legal aid government funding. Great job Legal Services Society.
Natasha Day on 2020-11-24
 Legal advice is expensive, but with this resource its free
David Pride on 2019-04-18
 It has been.getting slightly better but the resources available and spent by the ministry average double of what a defending party contributed plus they have an economy of scale so in reality if you receive 20 percent of the quality of legal resources they have your lucky as well the ministry is above the courts and has not followed their own guiding principles for years they have been proven to discriminate against men and any minority situation in the past so expect an unfair situation from.the get go. The best thing you can do if you are able is to leave the Surrey jurisdiction and your odds will.be favored immediately. Another country is an.option before your in deep the second your in their radar from.any single complaint is a time to completely protect yourself at any cost if you value your relationships with your children isolate yourself from.any issues like hiring a maid as a messy hone or any minir issue is grounds to remove a child any mental health visit will sink your boat completely as they discriminate against mental health even if you are cleared of any issues an sent on your way with no medications. If you are being victimized by a vengant mother abandon your kids and move on as or give her full custody and leave because at least you will not have a permanent record of poor parenting for the rest of your life in Canada. As a usual.make in Surrey BC you have no hope of ever being treated fairly by a almost entirely femake run courthouse they will ensure you are treated u unfairly for sure. Sad but true these people can prolong the pain maybe get you to see your kids a smidgen as Corporate CANADA does not have equal.parenting laws and ignores the superseding Constitution laws as well. Corporate CANADA has the liwesr amount of parenting time in the world thanks to a very poor family law system and as well has the highest cancer rates in the world plus unaffordable housing and cold winters the poor legal.system and poorly organized legislature, are partly to.blame but changes are being made slightly slower than a snail's pace. It was a free country many years ago, but now your freedom.health and ability to house and raise a family.are slim to none without major interference hasle and legal.costs but just in the street you can get a free meal.and a blanket so life us not all bad. In my case the ministry likely had hundreds of times more resources available to fabricate any decision they dreamed of. A messy hone has been.associated with above average intelligence btw. People whom talk out loud to themselves a also have been associated with the highest percentikes of IQ scores. But the ministry would consider those reasons for protective services to be engaged. The witch hunt continues every day after day. Do they really realize they are just harming themselves ultimately. Follow the guiding principles and demand or work.for supports poverty is not a crime helping not harming is rhe way to go. A always leave people I with a functional trail of hope the hurting spread hurt so be prepared to hurt yourself by degrading society at large. Canada has been going downhill a long long time and it is starting to.show.

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