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Michelle Moldofsky

Updated: July 17th, 2015 | Toronto | Lawyer List M | St. Michael's Hospital |

Address: 30 Bond St. Toronto , Ontario M5B 1W8
Lawyer Firm: St. Michael’s Hospital
Phone: 416-864-5625
Fax: 416-864-5390
Email: moldofskym@smh.ca
Website: www.smh.ca

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Address: 30 Bond St, Toronto, ON M5B 1W8, Canada
Phone: (416) 360-4000
Website: http://stmichaelshospital.com/
Kimmer on 2020-03-02
 Evidence of conservative efforts to privatize OUR health care facilities is on display here. I was instructed by medical staff at Toronto Western Hospital that if my pain management plan didn't work that I should go to St Michael's because they have a urology department, which treats kidney stones.Unfortunately I had to avail myself of this advise three days later and after the medications via IV kicked in and I was feeling much better I asked the staff why the hospital couldn't treat the issue while I was there. The urology department was closed so I would have to go home and wait for the clinic there to call. I stated that the system was obviously broken if the treatment has a wait list of up to two weeks and it closes on the weekend. This upset the emergency ward nurses, I was told, so they (doctor and nurse) accused me of yelling at them which is code for "shut up" and that I should be grateful for the help they provided because I didn't have to pay for it. It occurred to me that the plethora of new urology clinics in Toronto may be why the hospital urology department is closed on weekends. Could it be that the "free" health care services competes with the private clinics and the government is saving money by keeping the service closed? The fact there is a wait list of two weeks clearly demonstrates the need for the urology department's services yet it is not meeting the demand and intentionally forcing desperate patients to the private sector. Yes it is intentional. To what level of service will we allow our health care system to sink before we say enough. Health care-in a TIMELY EFFECTIVE way is a right. I gave this place three stars because both doctors(one) and nurses(one) did the very minimum and less in terms of providing health care.Over the course of the 7 hrs I spent in their charge I saw the doctor twice for a total of 2.5 minutes and the nurse, approximately 6 minutes and this was an Emergency Ward where for some time I was the only patient there.
Lemons and Ants Studios on 2019-05-01
 We have nothing but praise for this hospital. Our children were all born here. The Nurses, doctors and staff were nothing but excellent. They were attentive and careful. We had a difficult birth for both mother and child. It was a close call without getting into any details. But nevertheless, the nurses responded swiftly and quickly to our emergency situation. They notice something that didn't seem right and quickly called to action. I can't thank them enough. Your in good hands at this hospital.
Nic Weber on 2019-11-21
 Very efficient MRI appointment. It’s definitely a “no frills” experience if you’re used to high-end foreign hospitals. But they have lockers and updated equipment and decent security protocols. Only thing they could improve is the general welcoming and customer service experience. The guy welcoming just said asked for information before providing any pleasantries. Some patients might like this barebones efficient customer interaction, but I think they could add a little flair if they tried.
Nolan Blackmon on 2019-10-18
 I had an accident while at work where I fell off a ladder and broke both my wrists. I was taken to this hospital and was here for over a week. I felt that they did a very good job. The nurses and other staff were always really nice to me. It was a bummer to have them come in every couple of hours to do tests and take blood, so sleeping was difficult, but that's not their fault. My only big issue is that communication was sometimes difficult with the doctors. There were so many involved, and being drugged up half the time, didn't fully understand everything that was going on and when I had questions, it was hard to get straight answers. But I am better now, so that's the biggest positive. Overall, I think they did a pretty good job.
Karishma Sinha on 2019-02-13
 Great medical centre. Very upscale facilities. Their commitment to technology and innovation is nice ????. Hopefully they get back on a basic research question that I’d shared about real change for old community.

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