Nicole M. Villareal

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Address: 1700-808 Nelson St. Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2H2
Lawyer Firm: RWE Law Corporation
Phone: 778-654-7940
Fax: 778-654-7512

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Address: 808 Nelson St #1700, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2, Canada
Phone: (778) 654-7554
 I was referred to a few different lawyers and like many I did my reviews on all them. I eventually went with Kevin Quong. After meeting Kevin I was still unsure as I am always second guessing my choice but I felt I made the right choice this time as he seemed to have good knowledge of family law and was focused on detail that he can use to help my case. He was always punctual, thorough and remembered all minor details. It did involve a lot of info and document sending but now I can see why he required it as this helped me save in the long run. He was able find details that I did not think to realize about potentially saving me thousands of dollars. At times my case got complicated but he was able to keep calm and collected. Over the several months of meeting and chatting with Kevin it became a lot easier working with him. His approach is swift but fair for both parties. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend his services.
 Kevin Quong is professional, prepared, transparent, and punctual on all matters related to legal case and concerns.. He understood my situation and needs and was able to give me the valuable advice I was seeking. Kevin is both knowledgable and extremely efficient with his time - both qualities you'll want in a good lawyer. I would absolutely recommend Kevin to anyone that needs legal advice or representation! Thank you Kevin
 I had a great experience workig with Kevin! He provided some good advices, explained everything in detail and made sure i understood everything. Very professional and trust worthy! Thanks Kevin !! Trang
 Kevin Quong I was not exactly sure on "how" to choose legal assistance, but I did some research and contacted RWE and they introduced me to Kevin Quong. Kevin was quickly able to assess my situation and was absolutely spot on with his guidance and recommendations. I would highly recommend Kevin Quong. I found him to be very professional, thorough and respectful. His advice was always sound and he kept both me and the process on track. After all was said and done, I was left quite satisfied with the results. Thank you Kevin.

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