R. Leena Yousefi

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Address: 610-1125 Howe St. Vancouver, British Columbia V6Y 2K8
Lawyer Firm: YLaw Group
Phone: 604-974-9528
Fax: 604-974-9527
Email: leenayousefi@gmail.com

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Address: 1122 Mainland St #410, Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1, Canada
Phone: (604) 974-9529
Website: http://www.ylaw.ca/
 I don't typically write reviews but I found important to share my experience with YLaw Group. Amazing is the word that comes to mind after a long haul I had with other law firms! I apologize in advance if I create more work for you Leena, but oh, you are "the beast" when it comes to solving problems. Not to say, she stands out from the crowd of all other lawyers (believe I had a few before I met Leena) as carrying, passionate about YOUR individual and unique case. She make the process soo easy that we both could not resist to share some good laughs along the way. Put it this way, when you have to share your personal life and all "dirty stuff" with someone you don't know, you get cold feet a bit and tend to sort of not open fully (natural instinct) but Leena makes it flawless. Her problem solving is creative and "protectively aggressive" :) I really hope noone needs to go through lawyers services but you just have to have to meet her (sorry Leena... more work... take it easy :)). Amazing human being! Went above and beyond. Settle within 2 weeks all the matters that were drugging for more than 7 months. How amazing is that! Oh, and I would also like to mention her supportive team members who were fast, knowledgeable and on top of things as well. I have been referred to YLaw Group and now it is my turn to spread the word. Thank you!
 Leena is absolutely first class and cares about her clients' well-being first -- not money. Leena could have made well over $150,000 by recommending a long drawn out court case. Instead, seeing the toll this was taking on my Mom, she recommended a settlement, and we will forever by grateful and appreciative of her knowledge/support/guidance. Leena is awesome!!!
 This firm is by far the best one in Vancouver. They have won many awards and will fight for their clients till the end. Highly recommend.
 I am extremely happy with my experience at Ylaw. I am thankful for my lawyer, Amber Cheema, who helped me navigate my legal issues. She was empathetic, honest, and knowledge. Every step of the way she was communicative and direct with me. She helped me come to an agreeable resolution and I would recommend her as your lawyer. Thank you for everything!
 My family law case has involved an exceptionally unconventional and uncooperative respondent. Quinn's expertise, hard work and dedication has led to a successful resolution for my case. i am grateful for it and allowing me to start to move on with my life. I highly recommend this law firm

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