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Richard Addelman

Updated: June 2nd, 2019 | Ottawa | Lawyer List R | Addelman Baum Gilbert LLP |

Address: 85 Albert St., Suite 800 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6A4
Lawyer Firm: Addelman Baum Gilbert LLP
Phone: 613-237-2673
Fax: 613-237-8146
Email: richard@abgottawa.com
Website: abgottawa.com

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Address: 85 Albert St #800, Ottawa, ON K1P 6A4, Canada
Phone: (613) 237-2673
Website: http://www.abgottawa.com/
Baytek Ottawa on 2019-10-15
 Mrs Frouhar handled my case and made sure that justice was served! She made sure I wasn’t convicted for something I didn’t do. She went above and beyond, and I’m so grateful she took my case. I feel like I’m breathing again, after 2 years being under strict conditions, thanks to her. Thank you so much!
mike desroche on 2020-02-23
 Hello every body i had a bad exparience with few lawyers for me and others that I know till I met richard listen to this mr adelma is honest triest his best for y and he will get y to the right point & solution he will be even your friend I very much recommend him thank y richard and your stuff (I).
Riccardo Ricky on 2019-08-02
 They have represented me since I was a kid I was a troubled young man heading down a very dangerous path and these people saved my life on more than one occasion because of what Joseph and the firm has done for me I can tell you that I've stayed out of trouble for many years I got my life together and I owe it to these people if you're in trouble and you really want to change your life call them because they will go the extra mile for you they did it for me they've helped me so many times so many times I thought my life was over and Joe would come downstairs with good news if I wasn't guilty he would fight till the end and if I was guilty I wouldn't waste the Court's time or his time and I would just plead and you would get me the best deal when I mean the best deal I mean other people couldn't believe if there is a technicality in your case if you were mistreated racially profiled he will pick them apart he is a Doberman fiercely loyal protects his clients and I recommend him to anybody these people at this firm or good people they actually care I speak to Joe on a regular basis he's a good man he's a man's man thank you guys for saving my life forever in your debt he saved my life on more than one occasion but my wake-up call was my last time I was looking at a very lengthy prison sentence and Joe had come downstairs and he was always honest with me he asked me did you do it I said yes I did because I never lied to him and he said I'm going to get you the best deal I can get because I know you going to prison for many years is going to make you worse than you already are now and if I can save you I'm going to and that man saved me he told me that I'm a smart intelligent witty human being and that I can do anything I put my mind to and I need to just leave this lifestyle alone and get help and you know what he helped me get help I left a lifestyle alone here I am 5 years later I own my own business I have two beautiful girls and I owe it to these people because they always went to bat for me if you're innocent they will fight for you they will not give up they will continue to fight and if you're guilty they will still fight for you to get you the deal that they think you deserve because everybody's background in history is different I grew up in a very different environment my mom is a client my father was a client my brother who passed away was a client so this lifestyle is all me and my brother ever knew it took me moving away and getting away from it all to get my head straight and get myself back to being me and it works look at me I'm back I talked to Joe last night and he told me how proud of me he was and I told him that I owe him my life so I thought I'd share my story with you guys because if I can change and trust me I was a mess anybody can change and if you want the help to change and if you want a doberman in the courtroom that's not going to stop that's loyal intelligent and we'll fight to the end call this firm I want to say thank you did Joe and everybody else at the firm for saving my life and giving me the chance to be me again he is the best hands down he's like Mike Tyson boxing cases right out the courtroom
Meshaal Mufarreh on 2019-12-10
 Joe Addelman Wonderful lawyer... Thank you so much ???? keep up the great work.
Aa Printing-Signs on 2019-08-28
 This rating is for Mr Gilbert. He is intelligent and hard working lawyer. Talks little but listen attentively and work hard and the result is the best you can get. He represented one of us in court for Family matters and criminal matters too.

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