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Address: #800, 635 – 8 Ave. S.W. Calgary , Alberta T2P 3M3
Lawyer Firm: Moe Hannah LLP
Phone: 403-264-9480
Fax: 403-264-0560
Email: warren@calgaryfamilylawyers.com
Website: www.calgaryfamilylawyers.com

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Address: 645 7 Ave SW Suite #2600, Calgary, AB T2P 4G8, Canada
Phone: (403) 264-9464
Website: http://www.calgaryfamilylawyers.com/
Laura Zhang on 2020-04-20
 Jordon Hannah accompanied me during my painful and complicated divorce process like a kind-hearted friend who cares about his client. He also offered sharp & wise advice and helped me win my basic right back from my abusive ex.When he knows I became a full time student without any income, he's still offering high quality legal service while at the same time trying to obtain the best result for me with minimum legal costs.Jordon completely changed my impression for lawyers, which I obtained from popular jokes in the society. (Of course, when I dealt with some of my ex's lawyers, I understand why those jokes are so popular in the world). From Jordon we can see there are high quality lawyers in this world who have integrity and a good heart while still have a successful career as a great lawyer!I wish Jordon a successful career and wonderful life!
Jesse Harker on 2020-01-10
 I am going through a high conflict divorce and after a short time with another lawyer where it was not going very well at all to say the least – I received a referral to Heidi MacIntosh.From our first meeting I had complete trust in her advice and was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and she listened!! I understood immediately that Heidi cared about me as a client and as a person. Heidi always kept me informed. I was able to contact her anytime and she always called me back in a timely manner.She quickly grasped all the details involved in my divorce. She also has very high ethics and is honest with me regardless of whether or not it might not be what I had hoped to hear. She has tried to find ways to save money such as mediation in my custody case. She helps me see the forest for the trees - when I get caught up on an issue.I am extremely happy to have chosen Heidi as my lawyer– she is confident, focused and she continues to fight hard for me. Heidi and her assistant Jennifer have been very sensitive to me and all the emotions that go through a custody case.I highly recommend Heidi for any family case - but especially for a high conflict situation.
Ginny on 2020-02-04
 It was an absolute pleasure and relief to work with Heidi MacIntosh. She was direct, fair, and very effective as my counsel. I appreciated her integrity and efficiency, and encourage anyone who is looking to streamline the legal process- always with the child’s best interest in sight- to contact Heidi.
Erika Gomez on 2019-12-07
 Kevin Hannah and Catherine Fitzgerald were my councils for my second round of “interactions” with my ex-husband when he returned on the scene to alleviate himself of any financial responsibility for our disabled, dependent, son when said son turned 18. The service I received was honest, supportive, and more than competent. Kevin and Catherine were not distracted by outside matters, they stayed on point and resisted attempts by the other side to degenerate the situation while at the same time managing to steadfastly represent my son’s rights and humanity. Catherine handled the bulk of the matter and was remarkable in her pursuit of self-education so as to be able to accurately represent my son and my’s situation, which she did remarkably well; I know from experience that accurate representation of situations outside the normative is not easy. Both Kevin and Catherine were respectful of my resources and were able to treat me as a partner, not a subordinate, thus allowing more productive pursuit of my son’s rights. In spite of underhanded and distractionary techniques employed by the other side, and a system stacked against us, they were able to gain legitimate progress for myself and my son. As a result of their diligent, persistent, and more than competent behaviours my son was able to not only receive recognition and enforceable obligation from his father but to do so in such a fashion that both my son and I will be able to look back now and in years to come comfortable with the knowledge that our gains were obtained without sacrificing our values, as neither Kevin or Catherine resorted to those underhanded, trickster, behaviours so often seen in lawyers whose primary purpose is to “win” at the sacrifice of whatever is required, including one’s values, instead of presenting legitimate, relevant, information for consideration. I recommend both Kevin and Catherine for representation for anybody wishing high quality representation with integrity. Thank-you Kevin and Catherine. All the best.
Mike Grove on 2019-06-03
 Pleasant to deal with. Sharp, efficient and effectively dealt with our matter.

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