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Address: 270-1385 8th Ave. W. Vancouver , British Columbia V6H 3V9
Lawyer Firm: Kent Employment Law
Phone: 604-266-7006
Fax: 604-648-9753
Email: help@kentemploymentlaw.com
Website: www.kentemploymentlaw.com

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Address: 1285 W Broadway #560, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8, Canada
Phone: (604) 266-7006
Website: http://www.kentemploymentlaw.com/
G J on 2020-01-27
 My experience with Kent Employment Law exceeded my expectations and surpassed those with other law firms. I contacted Kent Employment Law to seek their counsel concerning a proposed severance package. The interactions first with Lisa for the preparation for a phone consultation, and then with Richard Johnson, were thorough, prompt, compassionate and highly professional. Having reviewed all the employment documentation that I’d provided and listened carefully to clarifications, Richard recommended a thoughtful course of action reflecting his excellent legal knowledge and experience with successful resolution. He proposed revision to the severance package with an approach aimed at amicable resolution without the apparent involvement of lawyers to minimize antagonism during negotiation. For me to revise using my wording, Richard crafted a respectful request for revision to the severance package, effectively stating my case with clarity and firmness. This led to a successful outcome; an improved severance package was offered by my former employer and the matter was settled quickly, thanks to Richard’s professionalism. He took the time to review the revised severance package despite being out of office. Richard’s empathy and confidence came through like a beacon guiding me through the disorientation following my “without cause” termination. Profound thanks again, Richard.
Holly Chen on 2019-11-19
 Great advice, very compassionate and helpful people who gave me both legal and level headed advice when I was in a jam.I contacted them a second time today seeking a referral because I could not afford their services a second time (are they pricey? Yeah, they're lawyers, duh, but they're a fair price for being lawyers). The lawyer I contacted (Erin, she helped me the first time) was on maternity leave but a colleague of hers, Janelle, almost immediately responded with a laundry list of options for me to look at, both free, low cost and a few specialists for the issue I was dealing with (intellectual property).Because of their helpfulness, I am now much more confident I will have access to the resources and answers I need to deescalate the issue at hand and avoid a legal headache.
nimish narang on 2020-02-18
 My experience with Kent Employment Law far exceeded my expectations. I thought my situation was hopeless but Trevor patiently and expertly guided me through the process until the matter was resolved. He went above and beyond to provide comfort and counsel and to help both parties reach an amicable agreement. I couldn't have done it without him and I would absolutely recommend Trevor and Kent Employment Law to anyone facing legal struggles.
Andrew Markowski on 2019-09-09
 Richard Johnson has assisted me with solving employment issues with my former employer. Through the whole process, I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. Richard was always available to provide a legal advice, listened to my concerns and suggested the best course of action. It all worked and I was able to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Furthermore, Richard is not only an excellent legal counsel, his is also very empathetic and this is a huge bonus when you are going through a difficult time with your employer.
Napoleon Muisa on 2020-01-07
 Richard Johnson and his team were very knowledgeable, responsive with communication and through out the process I felt my interests were well represented. Highly recommend!

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