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Address: 3300 McNicoll Ave Suite 302, Toronto, ON M1V 5J6, Canada
Phone: (416) 321-0353
Website: http://www.nihanglaw.ca/
Hashaam Chowdhry on 2020-04-18
 Easily accessible, super friendly and excellent communication from the entire team!
Mr heating on 2019-07-13
 very good people very professional, I got my moms super visa application processed my mom was here in 25 days after the visa was applied. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Yaasin Ali on 2018-06-06
 Through a recommendation I had hired Qasim for making a purchase of my first house in Canada. My wife and I were given a proper orientation for the whole process and his team made the process extremely smooth. Everything was done timely, we were regularly receiving reminders from them for whatever documents were required. All the burden and pressure was taken off our shoulders and everything happened efficiently.
Samuel Brown on 2018-06-04
 We had used the services of Nihang Law for making the sale of our house and they also helped in making a subsequent purchase. Qasim was always available to talk on the phone and gave prompt replies over e-mail. Everything proceeded very smoothly with no hiccups, delays or confusion at any point in time. We closed in time for the sale of the house with the funds ready and everything in place for the subsequent purchase. The purchase also took place timely with no problems.
NOIR. E.L on 2018-09-20
 Professional and friendly service

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