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Address: 157 Trunk Rd, Duncan, BC V9L 2P1, Canada
Phone: (250) 746-4354
Website: https://www.hugharmstronglaw.ca/
D Smith on 2020-04-16
 Hugh and Pauline are simply amazing . They handle all aspects of our business.
Honestly Speaking on 2019-07-29
 A very kind and helpful Lawyer,He went above and beyond.Highly recommended.
sarah w on 2017-10-18
 Excellent, efficient conveyancing - and nice people, too Hugh Armstrong's office handled the recent purchase of our house, the first we've bought in Canada. Hugh answered every question we asked during our meeting, Pauline and Lois ensured the transaction went through on time with the minimum of hassle. Plus they have delightful office dogs and some lovely art on the walls, too. I'd recommend Hugh's office to anyone.
Bonni V.M.H. Thomas on 2019-09-06
 Need product or education they can help

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