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Address: 758 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON M3H 2S8, Canada
Phone: (647) 937-4330
Website: http://www.ayodelelaw.ca/
Paul Arturo Avelar Barillas on 2020-03-09
 We are a family of 5 adults and we were all accepted to establish ourselves permanently in Canada, as Protected Person, and in a few months hopefully we will be Permanent Residents, thank God and the excellent, highly professional and very diligent work of Tracy Ayodele and her team. They received us, attended, listened and helped throughout the process, in a very special way, with a lot of humanism, high professionalism and demonstrated at all times a great experience and knowledge of these processes and international and Canadian laws and got involved with high commitment to understand our case, the laws and related processes of our country and the drama of our situation and need. Even the members of the Refugee Commission who reviewed our case recognized the high professionalism, knowledge and experience of Tracy and her firm. For all these reasons, we allow ourselves to recommend Tracy Ayodele and her team, so that they can be hired by other people or families, who need Legal Assistance for immigration issues, refugee claim processes, etc.
iyabo momoh on 2020-04-09
 She's very intelligent and professional. She was really welcoming to my family and I. I highly recommend her to anyone one looking for a well reputable lawyer.
Momoh Husseina on 2020-04-09
 Tracy is one of the best lawyer In Toronto, she’s good at what she does and pays attention to every detail...I want to use this opportunity to thank Tracy for helping my family and I.
Husseina Momoh on 2020-04-09
 Tracy is one of the best in Toronto, she knows her work and pays attention to every detail..I want to use this opportunity to thank Tracy for helping my family and I
md sahin on 2020-02-22
 I hired Tracy as lawyer for my political asylum application, she is just amazing. She worked hard , finally me and family got permission as a permanent residence. She is one of the best immigration lawyer in Toronto. Lot of respect.

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