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Address: 390 Bay St #2900, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y2, Canada
Phone: (416) 867-2283
Website: http://www.barrislaw.com/
Philip Pollack on 2020-05-18
 When clients ask for referrals to lawyers who practice in areas outside of my expertise, I rely heavily on my own personal network of competent, capable and value-driven lawyers. Jordan Barris is one of those lawyers in my network. He is someone who I can regularly count on to provide current, former and prospective clients with solid legal advice with a value-driven approach that allows him to provide a much needed service without the overhead of some of the larger corporate law firms. Without hesitation, I would recommend Jordan and Barris Law for your corporate and real estate matters.
Eric Silverberg on 2019-07-29
 Phenomenal. Fantastic guidance every step of the way in the sale of my old home, and purchase of my new one. Jordan made the process simple and painless. Would highly recommend!

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