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Address: 8 Wellington St E #200, Toronto, ON M5E 1C5, Canada
Phone: (416) 601-1346
Website: http://bartlaw.ca/
Connor Biesty on 2020-03-27
 Jacqueline Bart and her associates are very forthright and professional with their dedication to service and clarity every step of the way. I would highly recommend Bartlaw and all of the associates that I had the pleasure of interacting with. Jacqueline is very knowledgeable and succinct (but can easily go into greater detail if desired). I will be returning to their services again in the future if the need ever arises. Thank you once again for your exceptional service and trust!
Ben Mier on 2020-04-16
 Bart Law was very helpful in my case of achieving a working visa. Carrie and Caroline helped in every was possible, always providing efficient and professional responses. Thank you so much!
Michael Tan on 2019-11-29
 I was in a very messy situation with my PR application, to the extent that no immigration law firms were willing to take my case. Ms Bart however, listened to what I had to say and treated my situation with gravity and understanding. She was, perhaps through her decades of experience in this field, able to pin point the root cause of my problems and promptly strategized a plan for us to proceed. I was astonished, not only by the strategy she offered, but also by the depth she was able to understand me and my past experiences. As we proceed, her entire legal team was involved. I feel respectfully and honorably treated as a client. They were honest and upfront with my situation every step along the way, making sure I fully understand the the prospective outcomes, good or bad. They are very good at what they do too, Ms Carrie Wright in particular, as I felt she devoted a lot of effort into reading up past cases to put together the best possible argument for my defense. The eventual outcome, against all odds, was miraculously positive, and I felt Ms Bart and her team changed my entire life's course by not only winning the case, but also helped me face my demons with courage and dignity.
Christine Oldfield on 2020-01-10
 When Canada introduced the eTA for entry to Canada, I knew I would be barred future entry due to a 30-year old criminal conviction. I decided to seek legal advice and, by sheer luck, found Jacqueline Bart of immigration law firm, BARTLAW. Jacqueline recommended I apply for rehabilitation from the Canadian government. Her associate lawyer, Annsley Kesten, presented a strong and thorough application on my behalf, vetting all testimonials and suggesting areas and documentary proof that would strengthen my case. Not only did Jacqueline and Annsley support me during the whole process, they also gave strong encouragement not to give up. After two years my rehabilitation was approved, something that I believe would never have happened without their professional insight and robust efforts. I am truly grateful to them both. Yours Sincerely Edward
Gerard McGuigan on 2019-05-07
 BartLAW is without doubt, the BEST immigration practice in Canada. Their team of professionals are extremely dedicated, incredibly responsive and fully transparent throughout the entire process. I have worked with BartLAW for over a year relating to work permit approvals and extensions and cannot recommend Jacqueline and her team enough. They simply go above and beyond for their clients and make you feel entirely at ease at all times - their preparation and execution is simply flawless. It has been a complete joy working with BartLAW.

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