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Address: 1836 Bathurst St, York, ON M5P 3K7, Canada
Phone: (416) 489-8890
Website: https://www.benmor.com/
arti s on 2020-04-23
 Steven was my second lawyer, after having a first that was experienced but not moving my file along. His clerk and office staff are amazing and work hard to ensure that costs are held reasonable. Steve is a specialist and gives you realistic expectations. He is tenacious and if your divorce is high conflict- you want him.
Marni Moreau on 2020-05-25
 After 6 years of back and forth with a different lawyer, I hired Steve and he was able to bring a decisive conclusion to my divorce in a relatively short time. Prior to Steve, I had been using a "collaborative" lawyer, but my ex-husband and his lawyer were anything but. Steve came on board with the right skill set to no longer accept the opposing council's games, delays and intimidation tactics. The staff at Benmore Family Law are responsive, efficient, compassionate and kind. I would whole-heartedly recommend this law office to anyone and everyone, but especially to those who feel like their ex is a formidable foe.
Miguel Gutierrez Diaz on 2020-03-08
 I can not thank enough Mr. Benmor and team for such a remarkable help with my separation. I will highly recommend it to anyone in need of a kind and brilliant Lawyer. Cris, thank you so very much for all the coaching when I needed the most. Warm regards, Miguel
Krista Scaldwell on 2019-12-09
 Steven Benmor and his team are very knowledgeable and professional. They provide excellent advice and have helped me get organized to go to either mediation or court. They help you avoid unnecessary costs by guiding me to do my own tracking and financials. They have my kids interests at heart as we go through the difficult process of settling finances. Highly recommend team Benmor.
W S on 2020-01-03
 Mr. Benmor is a very experienced and resourceful family lawyer. He and his staff help me when I was served by my ex-spouse off guard. Mr. Benmor was able to grab the essence of a very complicated family case right away after I retained him. As a whole, the BFLG understands my unique situation and support me to get through the process along the way, and special thanks to Cris for her help and advice from time to time. I highly recommend Mr. Benmor and his team without hesitation.

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