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Address: 1395 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1J6, Canada
Phone: (519) 946-9460
Website: http://www.bezaireassociates.com/
Peter King on 2019-09-30
 As a result of a motor vehicle accident, I chose Bezaire and Associates because I felt a smaller firm would give me better results. All of the associates were most helpful especially the medical team (Brian and Joyce) who answered all my questions and concerns to guide me through my difficult time. It is not something that anyone should try on their own dealing with insurance companies that is why you need the best representation, that is why I retained Bezaire and Associates.
Rick Rose on 2019-09-23
 I took a very unusual legal circumstance to Steven. The first thing he did was listen to me and after my explanation he said he wanted a little time to go over the details. He got back to me and had decided that we had a case. We were successful in our case making both of us very happy. Yes, I would recommend and his team.
Rene Youssef on 2019-09-25
 Steven Bezaire was one of the best lawyers I met! I have dealt with a couple of lawyers that refused my case. He was very kind and explained everything to me perfectly. Always answering my question and was very patienthe with me. He cared about my case and was always honest with me and straight to the point. I know he worked very hard for me to win this case because it showed he really cared. Last year when he called me on phone and said we won! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy and it made my day! I prayed a lot and I knew that God sent me the right lawyer! I never gave up on finding the right lawyer to take on my case and I was very happy with my settlement! I would absolutely recomend Steven Bezaire to anyone! !
Pam Schuss on 2019-10-05
 First off, I really do not feel that 5 stars will give proper justice in my review. Steven Bezaire did such an outstanding job representing my claim, that he set a new precedent within the parameters of my lawsuit. He is the person you want in your corner, as he refuses to settle for mediocrity on any level. Steven made me feel confident throughout the entire process, he kept me updated constantly, and frankly, I trusted him and felt safe knowing he was working for me. The outcome exceeded any expectations I had going into my lawsuit and therefore, if I could rank 10 stars, I would. There is no one else in this Region I would want to represent my family or friends. Thank-you, Steven Bezaire & Associates, for all that you do!
Patricia Mailloux on 2019-09-22
 Needing a lawyer is never easy for anyone Mr bezaire has a great team working with him and it was a wonderful bonus. Great team I would recommend them highly Patricia m.

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