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Address: 10025 102 A Avenue #1600, Edmonton, AB T5J 2Z2, Canada
Phone: (780) 425-5800
Website: http://biamonte.com/
Ling Zhu on 2020-02-25
 Decent service. Though could be more accurate with spelling on legal documents before sending them to the client. Hard to find location wise. At times a lag in email response. E.g. Despite promising to email instructions 3 days prior to scheduled signing of documents... Same was not received until less than 24 hours before. Eventually got the job done with no major issues.
Sonya T on 2012-11-05
 I had a very positive experience dealing with this firm. I have been helped by a few lawyers here, all are very qualified and dealt with matters in a professional manner. Lawyers are busy and this firm is no exception, but they made me feel like I was their only customer. The service I received from Anna at the front desk was also exceptional. She is polite and always remembers who I am there to see. Thank you for your help.
Martino Di Luigi on 2018-12-22
 Always supportive.

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