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Address: 595 Burrard St #700, Vancouver, BC V7X 1S8, Canada
Phone: (604) 687-6789
Website: http://www.boughtonlaw.com/
Rosa Jamal on 2018-06-12
 I would highly recommend using this law firm for any immigration matters. we had such a positive experience and really felt that we were in good hands throughout the process. Our lawyer Bruce Harwood was extremely knowledgeable in the law and our rights and spent time to answer all of our questions. The entire legal team was quick in their responses and were there to help - which was especially comforting considering our application needed to go in during the Christmas season.
Dalell Amed on 2018-08-01
 Totally recommend this firm. Reliable, responds in a timely manner , service and communication flow is great. Great results.

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