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Address: 100 Front St Suite 201, Penticton, BC V2A 1H1, Canada
Phone: (250) 492-6100
Website: http://www.boyleco.bc.ca/
Don Specht on 2014-02-19
 I am a litigation client.The case went okay, we won. The judgment was for a fair amount. I could use the money. I also want to go on holiday. In December a settlement of my judgment was approved for early January. Since that time I have not had any response to numerous emails and telephone calls. I am wondering if my lawyer has lost interest, or is perhaps dead. Is anyone else there?
Jason Lang on 2017-09-21
 Get your legal stuff done right by the professionals.
Anarchist Vineyard on 2019-02-28
 Excellent service
Terry Meyer Stone on 2018-10-18
 Excellent service

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