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Address: 510 Burrard St #1400, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B9, Canada
Phone: (604) 602-5000
Website: https://burnsfitz.com/
SK on 2019-11-21
 Today I had legal advice from a lawyer, Scott Turner regarding my small claim lawsuit. He really helped me a lot. He seems to have lots of experience in small claim cases. He didn't even waste a single minute of mine. I'll definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues when they need a service.
Doug Embury on 2018-09-19
 I was a client of Oliver Wilson's. We won! But it was during the process that he was most helpful. Oliver was compassionate and trustworthy during the very painful time going through a wrongful dismissal. With a sudden loss of employment I needed that help. This was several years ago, and a small case, but Oliver still returns phone calls and answers all of my legal queries with patience and full explanation; all at no charge. A great and trusting lawyer.

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