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Reviews for Carrier Enterprise Canada LP
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Address: 150 Milner Ave #1-3, Scarborough, ON M1S 3R3, Canada
Phone: (416) 609-0180
Website: https://www.carrierenterprise.ca/?utm_source=gmb&u
Josh Little on 2019-10-11
 Mitchell from Carrier Scarborough came through big time for us! We had a customer with no heat and he rushed to get a part shipped out right before close. Because of this my customer will have the heat back on ASAP. Thanks again so much!
Xiong Guang Cai on 2019-03-10
 Umberto Greco was knowledgeable and provided professional service. He showed great teamwork and I felt comfortable working with him and his team. Keep up the great work
A.S Bains on 2017-03-21
 Good quality heating and cooling units

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