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Address: 5536 Sackville St #700, Halifax, NS B3J 1L1, Canada
Phone: (902) 423-6900
Website: https://www.cirobinsonlaw.ca/
Brenda SaundersTodd on 2020-04-23
 If you are looking for legal representation by a lawyer who will speak straight and tell you like it is, you will receive exactly that in Chris Robinson of CIR Law Boutique. I had the distinct pleasure of observing a very down-to-earth, straight-forward and cut-to-the-chase approach by this firm, as a result of the representation of a very close friend of mine who was seeking a divorce. After attending nearly all legal meetings with her, I can attest that not only did Chris do an excellent job of representing my friend, he was also able to create a sense of ‘calm and confidence’…..even during the difficult conversations. He spoke the truth, told her EXACTLY what to expect and encouraged her to be strong as he was there to guide her to the best possible outcome. It was extremely evident that Chris represented my friend with her best interest at the forefront, as I observed his level of passion, dedication and direction during each meeting. Finally….the most CRITICAL factor that spoke volumes to me, was the fact that my friend TRUSTED Chris to have her back, (which he clearly demonstrated each time we met in his office or attended the courthouse). I have recommended Chris to others in need of legal services (each receiving positive outcomes), as a result of his intervention and representation. I would highly recommend Chris if you are looking for someone you can trust, someone who will tell you EXACTLY what you need to hear, not sugar-coat the situation and is fairly priced for the services that he provides.
Kim Bourgeois on 2020-04-23
 One of the BEST decisions I made in my life was to hire Chris Robinson as my divorce lawyer. Chris guided me through every part of the process and assisted me with a game plan that I followed. He understood the legal system, explained all scenarios and ALWAYS protected my best interest. As I went through one of the most emotionally vulnerable and distraught periods of my life, Chris had my back! This was new and scary territory for me and yet, I felt safe and completely protected. Chris stood up for me and my rights and also showed me how to stand up for myself. I recommend Chris to friends who need a lawyer and who need to be protected. I will forever remain grateful to Chris and his team for their support and for taking care of me and my situation through a very difficult time.
Ken Anthony on 2020-03-20
 Chris has done a lot of work on both a personal level as well as business level. He is exceptional and very tenacious and professional . He thinks outside the box and gets results that many other lawyers wouldn’t of gotten and in a timely fashion. He does Not continue the situation to keep the clock ticking. He sincerely wants to resolve the issue at hand at a positive and cost effective result. He’s a rare breed ! Blessed to have him on my side ! Continued Success !
* r * on 2020-03-17
 Hello everyone, if you are reading this review you're probably in the early stages of seeking a highly competent lawyer for your divorce. Please do yourself a huge favor and look no further than CIR Law. Don't waste anymore time, money and stress searching for someone to represent you in or around the HRM area. Do not be fooled by waterfront office views or firms with overloaded top-heavy attorney choices. Your future depends on speaking with Chris Robinson to take on your case. Take advantage of his free consultation to help him understand your situation. He will always be honest and upfront with you. With Chris’s knowledge and experience in both finance and divorce law you can start to breath again. He will walk you through the legal process and explain it in layman’s terms so you will always understand what’s going on. Unlike a lot of other lawyers he has even responded to important email, evenings and weekends. He is centrally located with public parking across the street, behind his office in Park Lane Mall as well as metered parking on nearby streets. Unfortunately my X is playing hardball and it looks like it will be a while longer to settle my case. I’ll finalize my review once it’s over. Give Chris a call or email CIR Law to kick-start your new life to a happier future.
Ellie Black on 2020-03-29
 Hi everyone. I had a great experience with Chris at CIR LAW. He took the time to explain everything to me as we went through different steps of the process. He is very straight forward so you know what's going on at all times. He is always on your side and working to get the best outcome for you. I recommend giving Chris a call, he is a great lawyer to have on your side.

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