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Reviews for Fabio Costante
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Address: 3204 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON N9C 1A8, Canada
Phone: (519) 915-4910
Website: http://costantelaw.ca/
Kyle Stewart on 2020-05-21
 Talked to me over the phone, great honorable man! Eased my mind in 30 minutes and steered me in the right direction. Worth every penny!
Melika Hribar on 2020-02-11
 I had very pleasant experience with the firm. Professional, punctual , understanding , willing to listen and will understand your situation and do what is best for the client. I recommend Costante law!
Brenda Milicevic on 2020-02-12
 My case is a very long, drawn out issue. Fabio has been with me every step of the way and handled things with confidence and knowledge. I was very comfortable with my decision to proceed with my complaint knowing that he would be representing me. I would, and have, recommended Fabio to others.
Randy Marion on 2019-09-26
 Personal service representation. Fabio Costante is the genuine type person you want to take care of you and you issue. And he is also a really nice guy.

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