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Address: 888 4 Ave SW #607, Calgary, AB T2P 0V2, Canada
Phone: (403) 264-8484
Website: http://www.dartnelllutz.com/
Jasmeen Brar on 2020-05-08
 Jim and his team are amazing. I highly recommend them. They’re all very caring and supportive. I have recommended them to anyone that may need their assistance. They have outstanding communication and answer any questions or concerns you may have immediately. I appreciate Jim, Lacey and the whole team for what they do! If I could give more stars I would!
Mark Edmond on 2020-05-09
 Jim Lutz is an amazing lawyer and was excellent through the whole process. Lacey kept me well informed about everything. They were able to provide me with great service and excellent results. Would recommend them to anyone who is in search of legal services.
Hunter Egeland on 2020-03-31
 I was given an incorrect ticket a few months ago and tried numerous times to speak with the parking authority and the City of Calgary and received no help. I explained my situation to Lacey and within hours everything was cleared up. I'm so relieved to have had such exceptional and efficient service even in a time of crisis. Thank you so much! 10/10 :)
Brett Thorvaldsenn on 2020-05-04
 I remember about 4-5 years ago I got into trouble with certain charges and pretty much like that with a bit of community service they were off my record, and as of recently I got into trouble again, but Jim and Lacey have been quite understanding with everything I have had going on. They have been very helpful with my family and i, especially through these tough times, I know I got in trouble but I am thankful Jim is a great lawyer and I know he will help me too his fullest with my upcoming case. I would just like too say thank you.
Nate Harker on 2020-04-02
 Amazing legal team!!! Big shout out to theses guys for helping me through a difficult time, not only were the charges dropped but they kept me informed every step of the way and were very reasonable on their end. Thanks again guys!

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