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Address: 92 Spruce St N, Timmins, ON P4N 6M8, Canada
Phone: (705) 268-6492
Website: http://sdlawtimmins.com/
Lee Towsley on 2019-12-09
 I would like to take the opportunity to thank Suzanne for setting time to help our family. Suzanne was gracious in guiding us through our issues. She is knowledgeable and thourough. Her staff was pleasant and courteous and will return to do business in the future. Thank You 3.0.1.
Alisha Towsley on 2019-12-10
 I can only say I very much appreciate, give thanks and highly recommend her to represent you in legal matters.
jay veaudry on 2019-10-18
 im in need of services . but most lawyers frown away from the word lawsuit when it comes to municipality issues. my municipality is refusing to enforce there property standard act policies do to im a renter. then the LTB tells me its their responsibility to enforce there laws ....im tired of the back and fourth games and stress is taking its toll on me and my family . i am low income person i dont have 1000s of dollars to put up . can this firm contact me and help in any way thanks!
S Styres on 2018-03-30
 Suzanne Desrosiers is on top of her game. She is professional, meticulous and can be counted on to get the job done. Suzanne will advise you of potential stumbling blocks and present strategies that will facilitate a smooth transition as you move toward closing on your real estate deal. Thanks Suzanne for your expertise, hard work and wisdom.
Natalie Coté Parnell on 2017-08-28
 Suzanne and her team are consummate professionals; they are a wealth of knowledge, and maintain a friendly, welcoming presence whether their contact is in person, by phone, or email. My husband and I recently dealt with them for the private sale of our home in Timmins, as well as the purchase of a home across the province. We are not well-versed in the real estate process and had many questions and concerns along the way; Suzanne was extremely helpful, and worked within an extremely tight timeline to ensure the deals closed smoothly. I would highly recommend Suzanne and her staff any time.

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