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Address: 403 Albert St, Waterloo, ON N2L 3V2, Canada
Phone: (519) 884-2620
Website: http://www.dsjnlaw.com/
Barry Chaffe on 2020-05-08
 I've dealt with many lawyers over the years. A few were excellent. Ted Dueck certainly falls into that category. Ted has dealt with a number of matters for me and I've found his advice to be sensible, practical and sound. And the level of service he provides is quite simply outstanding. He makes problems go away. And that's the whole point, right? I recommend him without hesitation.
Douglas Grant on 2019-11-04
 David Jutzi has worked with us for many years including real estate, wills, and company issues. I highly regard his advice and counsel and fully recommend his services.
Van Nghiem on 2019-01-06
 I have used Lee for a couple of my properties and he has always been excellent to work with. He's very professional and friendly. Closing costs were always accurate with no surprises. I would highly recommend him.

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