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Address: 181 University Ave #2200, Toronto, ON M5H 3M7, Canada
Phone: (416) 601-4769
Website: https://www.duensinglaw.com/
Leo de Guzman on 2020-05-26
 I have recently purchased a condo and have requested Matthew's law services and was very pleased with his professionalism and his services. He was knowledgeable and was insightful in his recommendations. I am glad I also recommended him to a friend and we are now both very satisfied condo owners, thanks to him! Cheers!
Tyron Breytenbach on 2020-05-15
 Matt is meticulous, detailed and highly highly competent. So pleased we found him. He helped us with a will and a home purchase.
Paul Thompson on 2019-10-22
 I was looking for a real estate lawyer to go over my landlord's agreement for our office space in Toronto and I am very pleased that I was referred to Duensing Law. The work you guys did for me made a difference and we have been able to move forward with the office space thanks to you stepping in and negotiating the contract with the property management company. Excellent!
Guido Reineke on 2019-05-08
 We contacted Mr. Duensing in a complicated inheritance matter, which involved correspondence with notaries and translators in two countries. He consulted us in a very competent, reliable and farseeing manner. He was polite but determined and very skillful in negotiating with our somewhat complicated opposing party and finally managed to obtain far more than we had hoped to get out of the case. His pricing was fair and always transparent, he always made clear how far along we were in the case and gave realistic ETAs. We can highly recommend Mr. Duensing.
Anna McDowell on 2019-03-08
 Matthias translated and notarized a German document for me. Turn around time was so quick and the work he did was great! I would highly recommend Matthias to others needing legal help!

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