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Address: 17070 Yonge St #100, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6W4, Canada
Phone: (905) 895-7741
Website: http://www.dunsmuirridler.ca/
Helen Voykhanska on 2020-04-09
 We give Dunsmuir Ridler all 5. If Google had more stars, we would click on all of them. There's a single word that characterizes them in full - professional. We closely dealt with them during this week. They served us at the top level from the start to the end. We sent Glenn Ridler and Caitlin Ridler our inquiry and received a feedback within an hour. Our case was handed to Alyssa Mitha, Barrister & Solicitor. Alyssa is a lawyer who any of us would like to have. She is intelligent, effective, has an excellent ability to listen, and patient. She has a fantastic feature so valuable and appreciated by us - no arrogance. It was critical for us to get her explanations and specifics - and not to hear the answer like "trust me, I'm a lawyer" or "just believe me". We have zero tolerance to such answers to our clear questions. We wanted to hear the reference to the specific laws in different circumstances. We got all the answers. Alyssa is as punctual as an atomic clock. Be ready that she will call you exactly at the time arranged. You can check your time by her call. Our mutual way up the hill when we were polishing and coming to the final version of our case step by step without being pushed by Alyssa, was an example how a real professional has to build his or her reputation with every new client and earn the respect and trust. Alyssa did it in a perfect way. Everything what was promised to us by Alyssa was implemented with a precision of a fine instrument. We were very much impressed by Tara Smith, Legal Clerk. She is a real professional - knowledgeable in her field and responsibilities, courteous, respectful, and prompt. We have no doubt that this company will build their business fast. No doubt that people will flock to them like we did, even though it took us almost an hour to get to their office from Toronto. Thank you Alyssa and Tara once more!
Samer Karadsheh on 2020-02-06
 Very professional firm from the reception staff to the lawyers. Our lawyer, Alyssa, had explained everything very thoroughly and was extremely patient and made the process very comfortable. She understood my concerns and addressed them appropriately. Rates were also very fair and I was very happy with the process. 5 stars and highly recommended!
Nada Weaving on 2020-03-09
 My experience with the firm was very positive and supportive. Each individual I spoke with was very professional, and extremely thorough. Glenn, thank you for taking the time to listen to my questions and concerns and share your vast subject matter expertise to help inform my decision making.
esther boivin on 2020-02-11
 We were very satisfied with the whole experience at Dunsmuir Ridler. Our lawyer, Alyssa Mitha, was punctual, pleasant, and knowledgeable. She explained things clearly and responded quickly to our emails. We found her bright, energetic, and professional. We would definitely recommend using her services.
Yumna A on 2020-01-08
 I needed a real estate lawyer and was lucky enough to be referred to Dunsmuir Ridler. Could not have asked for a better team - the staff were transparent, responsive and supportive throughout the entire process, which went a long way during a stressful time where there was a bit of a time crunch. I really appreciated how the team made themselves available to address all my concerns with patience and thoroughness. I will definitely use them again.

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