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Address: 10235 101 St NW #1700, Edmonton, AB T5J 3G1, Canada
Phone: (780) 426-5220
Website: https://www.emeryjamieson.com/?utm_source=google&u
Doug Griffeth on 2020-03-15
 Claire Klassen of Emery Jamieson LLP represented me in matrimonial settlement. She demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and experience in divorce and family law and is highly attentive to detail. She demonstrated a conciliatory style that struck a balance between tactful maneuvering and assertive positioning while bringing understanding and objectivity to the emotional nature of the matter. Claire worked diligently and ethically on my behalf to achieve a favourable result. She helped me make informed decisions and counseled me when my perspective was inappropriate, explaining the legal rationale against or how my best interest would not be served. Yet, she accommodated my perspective when she was convinced of its merits. She was also helpful by counseling me on the law and legal protocol. Claire turned out strong work products in an efficient manner. She was more than fair with her rate and billing and her efforts were appropriately itemized and accounted for on each invoice. The one star knock pertains to room for improvement regarding communication on the status of my file and I feel the matter could have been resolved sooner than it was.
Fahim Moledina on 2020-02-28
 Great law firm very professional, fair and more than competent. Rob was excellent if figuring things out for me and I definitely would recommend this firm. There is a lot of expertise in this firm and I was referred here by another lawyer and definitely was a good referral.
Kathleen Norman on 2020-03-20
 Choosing Emery Jamieson LLP and working with both Claire Klassen and Amy Abbott was a wonderful experience. Claire is efficient and professional in divorce law with high attention to detail. Amy is brilliant in estate planning and so kind and empathetic. I highly recommend exploring Emery Jamieson LLP for an outstanding experience from start to finish.
Sydney Tarrabain on 2020-02-29
 Emery Jamieson LLP satisfied all my legal needs with integrity and professionalism. Mr. Rob Feraco settled my personal injury claim beyond my expectations. His commitment to quality is the reason I recommend him and Emery Jamieson LLP to everyone I know. Fantastic experience!
Tim Venner on 2020-02-29
 I have the highest praises for the team at Emery Jamieson LLP. Rob Feraco is the lawyer that handled my injury claim and I have to say that Rob is undeniably the most gifted lawyer that I have ever met. His knowledge of the law is beyond reproach. He helped my family and I receive a settlement far in excess of what I thought was possible. I would highly recommend this firm.

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