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Address: Box 26, 2625 Airport Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7L 7L1, Canada
Phone: (306) 664-4454
Website: https://www.enterprise.ca/fr/location-voiture/empl
Jeff Chubb on 2019-07-23
 I regularly rent from Enterprise in Ottawa and this was my first time doing so in Saskatoon. I don’t even bother with the competitors anymore. Even with my various discounts at the other guys, Enterprise still comes out less expensive, and pick up and drop off is just easy. And many timesI have been given free upgrades just because they were available. No strings attached. I am very happy with my experience.
Linda guillet on 2019-06-24
 Service at the counter was trying to up sell me insurance which I had already purchased through Expedia. Note for others, do not purchase Insurance through Expedia. Apparently if a incident was to occur with your rental car it becomes your problem to deal with 3rd party insurance. Thought that others should know about this. I paid way too much for additional insurance as well. $121.00 US was overpay. Car was clean, new and great on gas. Happy over all.

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