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Address: 5016 52 St, Camrose, AB T4V 1V7, Canada
Phone: (780) 679-0444
Website: http://www.fwsllp.ca/
Ray Findlay on 2019-12-18
 Just a wonderful group of people that make your experience great! They take your stress so you dont have to be stressed at all. Very knowledgeable with past and current law.
David Mark on 2018-04-05
 Used Mr. Kambeitz when we purchased our home. He was fast, thorough, and knowledgeable. Never thought I would have such good things to say about a lawyer, thank you for proving me wrong.
Michael Gulyas on 2018-10-30
 Great legal team, very competent and knowledgeable. Though the admin staff aren't very friendly
Chris Nixon on 2018-11-30
 These guys are a practical fun bunch to work with.
Sam Gaudet on 2019-02-22
 Trip stop great fruit selection

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