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Address: 1 The Path - First Canadian Pl, Toronto, ON M5X 1C9, Canada
Phone: (416) 836-9971
Website: http://www.animallawyers.ca/
LITTLE PAW PRINTS on 2020-03-20
 What an exceptional person Suzana is, so loving and caring for all the little or big furry babies!! I would highly recommend Gartner and Associates to family, friends and anyone who is in need of legal advice and guidance about their furry and loving family members. Suzana was compassionate, empathetic, loving and patient, all while exhibiting professional and exceptional client centered service. I felt very comfortable from the moment I met her. The love she has for animals is extraordinary and so wonderful to see. It was a blessing in disguise to find a lawyer who focuses solely on the rights, welfare and well-being of animals! I consider my self very lucky knowing Suzana. The advice she provided me with is greatly appreciated. Suzana is the kind of person I consider a friend knowing how much love she has for these little and big beautiful babies. I feel lucky to have met Suzana. Thank you!!!
Alex on 2019-10-10
 This law firm has been a pleasure to have as representation. They are honest, compassionate and incredibly diligent and hard working, making my unique case feel important and well handled. Suzana is a kind and intelligent lawyer who instantly allows you to feel a sense of relief during such a difficult time. I highly recommend Gartner and Associates to anyone looking for genuine and expert advice, consults and representation. Thank you!!!
Eva Rebelo on 2019-11-12
 Suzana and her team are a dream! Professional, courteous and compassionate. Offering their knowledge and expertise every step of way during some of the most difficult times.
David Pecovnik on 2019-12-18
 Suzana was amazing . I have a case that has multiple layers and different components to my lawsuit . She was professional , honest , reviewed the facts and provided great solutions to my situation . I would highly recommend Gartner & Associates for anyone who is going through potential legal issues or actual legal issues involving their beloved pet . Thank you Suzana !!

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