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Address: 25 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 1H1, Canada
Phone: (905) 527-6666
Website: https://geneseemartin.com/contacts.html
Linda James on 2018-02-06
 Elliot Song was instrumental in defending my 85 year old mother on a complicated driving charge that was issued to her as a result of an accident due to a stroke and later confusion she experienced. He was successful in having the charges dismissed for her in a timely and comprehendable way. We will be forever grateful to him for his consistency and professionalism, and his natural way of communicating with her. This was a very sensitive situation for her and he was paramount in helping her understand the details along the way. He comes highly recommended. It was awesome to be able to rely and trust that everything would work out for her. He made her feel important and secure in this very uncomfortable and trying time in her life, while he employed himself tiressly and diligently behind the scene on her behalf. Thank you, Elliot for all that you do. I
Celeste Whelan-Deslaurier on 2016-10-24
 Don clarke is a great lawyer he gets the job done in a timely manner with great outcomes

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