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Green Glazer Attorneys offer legal services in Montréal. They can represent you in matters of family law, elder law, real estate law, construction law, immigration law, civil law and taxation law and can serve your needs as legal advisors, appeal lawyers, attorneys, barristers, legal counselors, defense lawyers or solicitors. They can treat your legal requirements on marital issues. Green Glazer Attorneys can help in the situation of temporary visa, permanent residency or citizenship. They have the capacity to tackle your legal business needs. Their office handles your will and estate inquiries.

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Reviews for Law Office of Zahra Khedri
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Address: 2061 McCowan Rd suite 209, Scarborough, ON M1S 3Y6, Canada
Phone: (416) 828-1514
Hamed Qanavizi on 2019-12-03
 She is the best lawyer in Canada,that I have ever seen !!she do outstanding job I really appreciate your amazing service!!! God bless you.

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