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Address: 888 Dunsmuir St #1500, Vancouver, BC V6C 3K4, Canada
Phone: (604) 259-7678
Website: http://hakemiridgedale.com/
Crystal Dahl on 2019-02-16
 Mr. Nathan Muirhead is a very experienced lawyer who represented me in Appeal Court and won my case. He also is looking after another unrelated matter for me because I can trust him. This is extremely important when choosing a lawyer and their contracts while rather complex in the end they are honest in their billing another extremely important aspect when choosing a firm.
Lia Psomiadis on 2018-07-21
 We would highly recommend Hakemi & Ridgedale to anyone requiring (commercial/corporate litigation) legal representation. This firm is highly reputable and professional and also looks out for the best interest of their clients. We would not hesitate to retain Hakemi & Ridgedale for any of our company's corporate and commercial litigation needs in the future. We thank Hakemi & Ridgedale for their highly professional and trusted services.
Martha Jimenez on 2018-07-21
 I met lawyer Tom Hakemi at a conference on business law and commercial litigation. I am frequently in Seattle for business. I was impressed by his presentation and promptly referred my relatives to him in the Vancouver area. My relatives in Vancouver are high-level businessmen who have car dealerships and other businesses. They said it's been a night and day difference between their old legal representation and the new legal representation. They are very happy with this firm and the fees and the quality of the legal work
Kathleen Kischer on 2018-08-09
 I have referred many of my clients to Hakemi & Ridgedale in the past and they have always had very positive experiences. Hakemi & Ridgedale believes in putting their best foot forward at all times and work extremely hard for their clients. I would highly recommend their team to any of my clients looking for a Corporate Commercial Litigation Firm
Ewan Law on 2018-07-21
 I have been exasperated for many years looking for good reliable and fair legal counsel. This firm is Top Notch legal representation and trustworthy. I am general counsel for several small corporations and we are a highly regulated industry. This firm represented Us in various Administrative Hearings and Licensing hearings in a very professional way and I did not feel that they were milking the matters is in an effort to earn more fees.

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