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Address: 1276 Cornwall Rd unit c, Oakville, ON L6J 7W5, Canada
Phone: (905) 845-0767
Website: http://www.haxelllaw.com/
Joe Emersic on 2020-03-27
 Fast and friendly. Very thorough on my real estate transaction. Reasonable rates. Love this team!
R0B D'50UZ4 on 2019-04-19
 As a Real Estate Broker, I rely on top notch professionals to service my clientele. Jameson Glas is your guy, pre-construction, resale and acquisitions...he does it all.
Ergun Duzen on 2020-02-15
 We had real estate transaction in this law office. Mr. Glas and his assistant Ms. Pierre provided excellent advice and service. I typed advice, because deal didn't close by buyers. If you need excellent service, then go to HAXELL LAW OFFICE.
Darlene A on 2019-12-04
 We've been going to Haxell Law for for many years. Jameson, Rosan and Veronica are always a pleasure to deal with. We always know that we're in good hands and will keep on coming back. Highly recommend :)
Moreen Marchan on 2019-04-12
 Excellent Client Service, client service focused, friendly. Makes you feel valued Thank you

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