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Address: 707 7 Ave SW #500, Calgary, AB T2P 3H6, Canada
Phone: (403) 269-9400
Website: http://www.hendrixlaw.ca/
Mortgage Tree on 2020-03-11
 Hendrix Law is an outstanding firm. Denise Hendrix and her team are excellent. Law firms are all different and Hendrix Law rises above. They respond extremely fast and make it easy for clients to understand the process of purchasing or refinancing their home. They practice a high degree of professionalism and bring value with their their pricing. We highly recommend Hendrix Law for both your Real Estate and Will/Estate needs.
Kyle Christian on 2020-03-11
 My company dealt with Hendrix Law for a national scale contract bid in the default industry. Denise was professional, competent and eager to help with our efforts in any way, including training of my staff and other subcontractors in her areas of expertise. I would highly recommend her as a supplier within Alberta or as a partner for national contracts. Hendrix law also services the territories, which we found to be a convenient solution.
Konstantin Kuligin on 2020-03-12
 Denise and ALL team members at Hendrix law are amazing!Super professional and always on time. It is a pleasure to deal with her office on ANY real estate transactions. They are going the extra mile to make sure the process is smooth. We are very grateful to have you as part of our extended team. Please keep up such great work!
Colette Chapman on 2020-03-12
 Excellent service! We used Hendrix law for our home purchase. The team was professional! We had great experience from start to completion. Our lawyer had the right advice and was very knowledgeable. I would recommend Hendrix Law with all your real estate needs.
Kyla Hunter on 2020-03-11
 The Hendrix law team helped me with a condo I tried to purchase recently, long story short I took their expert advice to not go through with the purchase and it ended up saving me thousands!!! I have yet to pick out another property but once I do I know I will be in terrific hands. Thank you for the prompt service and advice Hendrix Law.

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