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Reviews for Hillside Law Inc. - Personal Injury Lawyers
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Address: 346 Ellis St, Penticton, BC V2A 4L7, Canada
Phone: (250) 487-7030
Website: https://hillsidelaw.ca/
Kristin McInnes on 2020-03-07
 The team at Hillside Law Inc. are a wonderful team to work with. Not only are they super knowledgeable in their areas of legal expertise - family law, personal injury and motor vehicle accidents, they are just down right great to interact with. They are super personable and funny too!
Where it's AT on 2019-11-05
 I've known the team at Hillside Law for a few years now & I've done several pieces of business with them - both me for them & them for me. They honestly want the best for people - amazing people to deal with. Plus - they pay their bills before they are even due - I've never know another lawyer that has done that before. I can't say enough good about them. Give them a call - once you try their level of service & attention you can't go back to being a number somewhere else again.
Jason Ostrikoff on 2020-01-18
 The staff at Hillside Law, Lisa, Monica and Super Dave were extremely compassionate and helpful during my ordeal after my motorcycle accident. They fought hard to get me the settlement I needed to continue my recovery. Over the course of the litigation they were extremely professional and became a part of my family.
Jeanette Little on 2020-01-18
 Amazing customer service, Monica and Dave went above and beyond retrieving information that I needed for a client's audit.
terry s on 2019-04-12
 I am sharing this information as I was so blown away with the service I received from Monika and Dave @ Hillside Law. I walked in without an appointment and spoke with Monika regarding an urgent situation and without hesitation she jumped on it right away for me. You are the best and I would not hesitate to use this firm and also recommend to anyone. Again Thank you so much for being there and helping me through this very stressful situation.

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