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Address: 201 King St, London, ON N6A 1C9, Canada
Phone: (226) 289-4172
Dave Hamilton on 2018-11-13
 I recently acquired Manda to help me make a will for myself, as well as several Powers of Attorney. She filled me in on what was needed, as well as explaining the various legal ramifications a person needs to know. I found Manda to be easy to work with, thorough and reliable. I am happy to recommend her services to anyone that might need that kind of help. Her prices are very reasonable and her help was much appreciated!
Chris Henderson on 2019-02-24
 My experience with Manda Ivezic was an absolute pleasure. I was seriously ill at the time, and needed to create an official Last Will et al. Manda was responsive, more than accommodating, gentle and kind. She has an absolute calmness and professionalism about her. I highly recommend her as a lawyer. The results were a portfolio like no other - polished, perfect and professional - I was very impressed. Thank you, Manda. You are officially my lawyer! Sincerely, Chris
Joan Smullen on 2018-11-22
 I was very satisfied with my experience with, Manda Ivezic. She was well informed and smart. She was also helpful and kind. I would recommend her!
M J on 2018-11-25
 Excellent timely service. No frills or fuss just straightforward, well priced services, delivered professionally and personably.
Elsa Zammit on 2018-11-25
 I was very pleased with the professional service provided in preparing my will.

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