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Address: 3310 S Service Rd #203, Burlington, ON L7N 3M6, Canada
Phone: (888) 522-3517
Website: http://www.jaskotfamilylaw.ca/
stefan dreesen on 2017-06-12
 After several poor experiences trying to find truly reputable legal representation, I was thrilled to find Darryl Willer. He's direct and to the point. He genuinley cares about the case at hand and always made himself available. He was able to support us in a complex case and was able to get matters resolved. I would highly recommend Darryl and the Jaskot Family Law team.
Stephen Kelly on 2016-12-08
 Darryl Willer and Stan Jaskot are both stand-up guys and I would highly recommend either of them. My initial consult for a divorce was with Stan, very direct, just give me the facts kind of guy, which is what you need in dealing with legal issues. I was introduced to Darryl after meeting with Stan several times, Darryl handled my case in a very professional manner. Darryl is quite meticulous and always presented me with best and worst case senarios, and gave me the necessary time to make the decisions required. Nothing personal...but I hope I never require their services anytime soon....but if I do I would call no one else ! Thanks guys Stephen Kelly

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