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Address: 1306 Pembroke St W, Pembroke, ON K8A 7A2, Canada
Phone: (613) 735-8226
Website: http://www.jones-law.ca/
Steph LeBlanc on 2019-07-19
 Blair was very personable and made the whole experience far more enjoyable than expected (who knew you could have so much fun at the lawyer’s office buying a house?!). His staff were top notch, very responsive and thorough. Highly recommend.
Aimee Giles on 2019-10-06
 Blaire was very personable and made everything easy to understand. Would recommend!
Sam Newman on 2019-03-15
 As a military family, we relocated 11 times in 20 years and have dealt with many lawyers in that time. When we called around for quotes, we were worried about the whole “you get what you pay for” idea. Blair’s office was definitely the least expensive we called. We didn’t need to worry. Blair’s office has been the best law firm we’ve dealt with, bar none. We were so impressed after our first purchase in Petawawa, we have had Blair or the other lawyer in his office, Elizabeth, represent us in two other purchases, one sale and preparing wills for us. We have never been disappointed. Each time we left their office feeling like we understood what was going on or what we had just signed (and trust me that can’t be said of all the lawyers we’ve used in the past). Here’s hoping they don’t smarten up and start charging as much as they probably should be for the excellent service they provide!
Fraser Strachan on 2019-05-05
 Smart. Down to earth, and all the staff are very knowledgeable
Eric Barker on 2018-02-08
 Blair Jones is very great lawyer , above all his office is fair and won’t inflate prices. They will get the job done in a timely matter and are beyond courteous. I highly recommend Blair Jones for any estate or realty needs .

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