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Address: 400-1401 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1H6, Canada
Phone: (604) 263-2565
Website: https://kblawllp.com/
Jace Lambertsen on 2019-04-18
 I had Michael Steven help me at my first settlement meeting for my business. He was very thorough explaining step by step how things would go down and calmed my nerves throughout the meeting. He is VERY professional and experienced and it showed today. It was clear today that his experience is second to none, making the other lawyers in the room look like amateurs. I will 100 percent continue to use Michael if any further legal action is needed and I highly recommend Michael Steven and Kerfoot Burroughs LLP firm for anyone who is need of a quality, honest, experienced lawyer. Thanks Michael!
Sylvia Matthies on 2019-05-29
 I can only say the best about Kerfoot Burroughs LLP. Michael Steven is a top lawyer, and I am really glad he took on my case with my slip and fall. I didn't break a bone, but I suffered a lot with bruises and Hematoma. Michael Steven is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, and I trusted him completely. We need more lawyers that work with integrity in Vancouver. I didn't get justice before in the past in the court system, but now my faith in the justice system with Kerfoot Burroughs has been positively transformed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Sharon Ohlsen on 2019-09-07
 Many thanks to Daleep Aujlay for his responsiveness and counsel to us! I definitely recommend his services in wills and estates. He gained a thorough understanding of our goals and desires, then provided good direction and documentation in a quick timeline. Much appreciated, Daleep!
Marta Cygan on 2019-01-26
 Huge thank you to Daleep Aujlay at Kerfoot Burroughs! My partner and I were in the process of buying our first home and he made the whole process seamless and easy for us. Him and his team were great at explaining everything and were super responsive and thorough whenever we had any questions - and we had many! Glad we had the chance to work with him!
Alexander Hentschel on 2018-12-20
 I was in contact with Michael Steven, who gave me clear and concise information. He was very straight-forward and honest about at what stages in our particular problem we would need legal support. I would certainly come back to Michael again if we need legal representation or advice.

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