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Address: 1470 Rue Peel, Montréal, QC H3A 1T1, Canada
Phone: (514) 990-2249
Website: http://www.langlais.com/
Eleonora Konstantinou on 2017-07-19
 Very good lawyer and very friendly! Take his and his associates advices and act accordingly
matt lucas on 2017-07-20
 They delivered all promised services but included costs that were unclear upfront.
maxime fouquette on 2013-12-01
 Specialized in business immigration law for applicants to Canada (investors and entrepreneurs) and involved in international business transactions and investments for Canadian or foreign businesses setting up operations in Canada, in Asia or in other countries.
Bin Xia Zhang on 2020-02-13
 Me Langlais est l'un des avocats les plus compétents en droit de l'immigration au Québec et saura vous conseiller judicieusement sur votre parcours d'immigration.

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