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Address: 2730 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 5P4, Canada
Phone: (604) 255-9018
Website: http://www.mccombwitten.com/
Manu fontaine on 2020-05-21
 Megan Neathway went above and beyond to help me out, she was responsive and super patient with me. I would recommend her to anyone.
Alana Richardson on 2019-11-23
 Robert and his team are the of the best. They are attentive, hard working, understanding and passionate about what they do. They are the kind of team you want in your corner when times are tough. Robert always took his time to clearly explain every step of the process to me and took every question I had very seriously. Brittany was a strong advocate during my discovery interview, and eased my stressed and anxious mind. I highly recommend this firm to anyone having to deal with an ICBC claim.
Tony Nguyen on 2019-09-30
 My experience with McComb Witten team was definitely a 5/5 star experience. They truly do care and go through great lengths to make sure their clients get the health care they need. Robert and his assistant Sandy where there for me 24/7 and always kept me updated with my injury claim. Highly recommend this team.
A A on 2019-08-15
 Unbelievable how lucky I got hearing about McComb Witten Marcoux from someone in my network. I have never written one of these, but people need to know about them. Had I not been supported by Etienne and his incredible staff (ESPECIALLY Sophia), my circumstance would have had a different outcome. Etienne ensured I was informed, prepared, and fully advocated for throughout every step of the legal and emotional roller coaster this case was. We ran into surprise after surprise, by sheer chance. Every situation was given it's due sensitivity and attention. After an arduous few years, Etienne was able to provide me with the closure I needed and certainly did not expect. The entire team at McComb Witten Marcoux are professional and informed to another level. Thank you Etienne, Sophia, and everyone else there! The difference you have made in my life is invaluable. I hope everyone helps themselves by bringing Mccomb Witten Marcoux to their corner. You'll realize how much you needed them once they get to work for you. Once again, thank you for everything throughout these difficult years.
??? Fiona & Bill on 2019-10-23
 My experience at McComb Witten Marcoux was absolutely amazing. The staff members are super helpful and my lawyer, Etienne A, Orr-Ewing, is very patient to take his time to explain a lot of stuffs that I don't understand during the whole process of my car accidents. I will definitely recommend my family or anyone who had involved in car accident injuries to consult with McCmob Witten Marcoux. You will have an great and exceptional experience there.

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