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Address: 17 Frood Rd #201, Sudbury, ON P3C 4Y9, Canada
Phone: (705) 222-9922
Website: http://www.michelvincentlaw.ca/
Nancy Marchand on 2019-11-22
 Great staff, great lawyers. They've given me great advice on numerous occasions, dealt with my will and testament, purchase of real estate, dealt with a divorce matter and incorporated my business at a great cost! I'm very happy I found a great lawyer. Thx Denis Michel for all that you've done for me.
Christine Guerin on 2019-08-10
 I called twice and was not impressed with their secretary! She first made me feel like I was not a client so I couldn't just ask to speak to one of the lawyers. I missed a call back from the lawyer so I returned the call; after just greeting me rudely, she says: "You're going to have to wait, I have to fax something!" After a few minutes, she came back and again was very rude! I won't be "bothering" her anymore!!!
Jean-Claude Nantel on 2019-06-15
 Friendly and knowledgeable. They have the know how to help
Al Mc on 2019-09-13
 Always been on the ball. And ahead of the game.

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