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Address: 29 Kilworth Park Dr, Komoka, ON N0L 1R0, Canada
Phone: (519) 657-1529
Website: http://millarslaw.com/
Steve C on 2020-03-14
 Fantastic law firm. When in a time of need Phil and his staff are there to assure you they will take care of your matters and they are true to their word. Another facet is if you call or send them an email they respond promptly with an answer and if that's not possible they will at least make you aware they will be looking into it for you. This is not the case with some other firms were it takes a couple days for a return call. The ultimate gem is Phil himself. He's truly a genuine guy who cares about his client and he comes through on his word. He doesn't make outlandish promises that can never be achieved. He will advise you of how he believes your matter should be dealt with and makes sure that you are satisfied with that course of action before he starts. Just can't say enough of how pleased I was with the results and how prompt they were.
Serena Williamson on 2017-04-05
 Nick Cake is a nice guy. He is my husband's lawyer currently and I'm hoping he will do magic. Unfortunately no magic but he is still a great lawyer. Compassionate and understanding.
Gagandeep Singh on 2020-05-16
 Nick Cake was my lawyer and I strongly recommend Nick and Millars law firm. He was very professional, reliable and committed and was always more than happy to answer my questions and kept me informed at every stage. I am glad that my case was represented by Nick and he was able to achieve the best outcome for me. Thanks to Nick and his team!
Andrea Newcombe on 2020-05-20
 Nick Cake is one of the most real, “tell it like it is” people you will ever meet. He handled our case efficiently and has gone above and beyond to support us even after all was said and done. Nick is an amazing lawyer and just an all around stand up guy.
Vint . on 2020-04-10
 Nasar is a very honest family law lawyer who does not push his clients into expensive battles that they are likely to lose. Instead of charging like the Light Brigade, his patient and tactical manoeuvre helps his clients gain more than they originally expected. After all, patience is the greatest virtue. More importantly, he reminds me that there are equally important things out there in life as my divorce case. I am able to take back control of my life with his dedicated assistance during this long battle. During the family turmoil, especially in a high conflict divorce, nothing is more important than having a sensible mind you can count on.

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