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Address: 15 Lewis Rd #101, Guelph, ON N1H 1E9, Canada
Phone: (519) 821-9610
Website: http://www.nelwat.com/
Ryan Fitzpatrick on 2020-01-02
 I had the pleasure of retaining Cherolyn Knapp who was kind, highly professional and exceeded expectations in terms of results. On any matters related to employment law you will not find better representation. Thank you Cherolyn!
Jacquie D'Abbenigno on 2020-01-28
 Easy access with accessible entrance. Multiple meeting rooms and very friendly front desk associate.
Walter Urban on 2018-08-20
 Can't say enough about Nelson, Watson LLP - just finished my new home purchase and there work was excellent! Everything they said they would do and more... on time, efficient and at a reasonable price - WU Guelph Ontario
Nicole Visentin on 2018-02-08
 Had to go to them for clarification on a contract I received and they were very helpful and quickly crafted a response for me that got results.
Albert Dayeh on 2019-01-24
 Good people to do business with

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